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the only thing funnier than this video are the comments on it

Oh my gosh

God Bless Amy Schumer, oh my god

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  • ❥ - Put a photo?

  • ☝ - How tall are you?

  • ✔ - Sexual Orientation

  • ♨ - Do you Smoke?

  • ☟ - Do you Drink?

  • ♒ - Do you Take Drugs?

  • ✖ - Age you get mistaken for

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Starting to go through some language-based personal crisis. I really want to keep learning Japanese but various things are deterring me, mainly Kanji and the loads of people saying it’s ultimately not worth it

Honestly I feel most nay-sayers had no drive or something. I’ve got a huge drive and know how complex languages get and am willing to put up with it. I’ve got a deeper feeling people say it’s complex because it actually is neigh-unlearnably complex but that seems farfetched to me for many reasons

Like my end goals are really just to experience an Eastern language, learn another language in general, and try to appreciate/learn a new (see: Japanese) way of thinking about things. It’ll indirectly let me read Japanese things (manga/books/articles) which is also a plus. Honestly learning Kanji is fun and interesting to me, but all that energy spent learning Kanji could be a fuckload more of German vocab learned. Feels conflicting.

Like I can’t imagine the language is so impossibly complex to warrant many people saying not to learn it. Obviously it’s complex but like, idk, anything can be learned with discipline, which I’ve got loads of.

Idk, maybe I just need a pep talk for learning Japanese. I’ve got the will/energy to do it, but all the negativity towards it is making me question spending the time learning it.